Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What are the Rules that a Magician should Never Forget?

The art of magic has been praised by millions of people across the globe as it is one of the best sources of entertainment in today's era. The popularity of magic has grown to such an extent that, magicians are not only called for wedding, parties and other gatherings. In fact, special trade show magicians are also being hired by great entrepreneurs to boost their business sales.
No matter, for what purpose, which type of magician is being called. The only thing that matters is their performance, and to ensure that the performance of a magician gets cheers time and again from the crowd, he should certainly follow these golden rules.
  • Do not disclose your magic secret: Whether you are a table-top magician or a street magician or a magician excelling in every magic variant, remember to not disclose your secret with anyone. You will come across a myriad of people asking about the secret of performing the tricks, however; you have to resist answering them every time you meet them. Remember, your acts, your way of performing is the only thing about you as a magician. If you will share your secret with people, you will never remain a unique personality on the earth.
  • Wait for the perfect moment to perform your act: There are situations when people are not in the mood of seeing any act. So, in such situations it is better to stay away and test your audience before beginning with the actual performance. Remember, do not slam your performance one after the other as it may annoy your audience the most.
  • Leave your audience wanting more: A perfect act is that which makes the audience want more. So, make your acts interesting enough to hear “once-more” each time you perform.
Close-up magicians in London make the major part of the UK entertainers today. So, while hunting a magician for your event, trawl through the web to make the best pick.