Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A Few Unbelievable Tricks Performed by Magicians

There is something really enigmatic about magic that captures the attention of its audience, and tempt them to believe in what they see. No doubt, there are many people who accept some magical tricks as mystical. However, a significant number still have sceptical views about magic. 
So, for the skeptics out there, listed below some of the really astounding tricks which will certainly make you believe that magic is actually more than an illusion!

 Take a look.
  • Linking Rings: this classic form of illusion was first performed by a Chinese magician called Ching Ling Soo in which solid metal rings appear to link and unlink, pass through each other and form long chains and other patterns. Normally, in our daily lives it is not even possible to imagine these things, but a real magician actually makes the illusion a reality.
  • Head Removal: This is another astonishing trick performed by various magicians across the world. The magician performs this trick in such a way that it appears to the audience that his head has disappeared. It looks unbelievable; however, when a  real magician performs it, you tend to believe in real magic!
  • Changing coffee into money: It is hard to imagine coffee as something else other than a drink. However, magicians do because with their exceptional skills, they Can change this delightful drink into umpteen things, one of which is money.
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